Welcome to our new classified forum based site.


Exciting News

We are excited to launch our new site. We will rapidly list equipment and keep the site up-to-date. Currently, we are listing our equipment for sale or contract brokering our customer's equipment. Contact us to represent your equipment to list on our site.

New Equipment, Supplies & Advertising Coming Soon...

Screen Print Exchange will be selling new equipment and supplies in the future. Contact us about advertising or selling new products on our site. [email protected]

About Screen Print Exchange History


The owner of Screen Print Exchange, has over 20 years experience printing, selling and repairing used screen printing equipment. It all started with owning a sign and screen printing shop. He was always upgrading equipment to improve production. The company had excess equipment that he sold. The equipment sold quickly online and thus a new business venture emerged.

Equipment sales outpaced the printing division. He decided to concentrate on selling used equipment. It was a welcome business transformation that would not have been possible without being a printer first.

Our industry participants have a great enthusiasm for their machinery. I hope this site only fosters more. I welcome the industry to my newly formatted website.